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Patent Support Services

How well is your patent protected?

The staff at X-ray Wizards has been helping clients to interpret and review patent applications for over 12 years. With over 50 years of combined experience in x-ray diffraction, covering a diversity of materials, X-ray Wizards has great depth of expertise in all aspects of x-ray diffraction including experimental setup, instrument design, and data collection including analysis. Our staff has experience in the design of x-ray diffraction hardware and software along with joint publications with major companies, giving us a unique and powerful insight into all aspects of x-ray diffraction.


As a leader in XRD diffraction services, we at X-ray Wizards understand that companies face increased challenges in defending their intellectual property. X-ray Wizards has the expertise and skills necessary to protect your claims, your designs and your inventions related to x-ray diffraction.

Our areas of expertise include: pharmaceuticals, medical implants, and newly fabricated materials. Crystallographic phase transitions, percent crystallinity, crystallite size, texture (crystal orientation) and comparison of XRD peak lists to those published in patents are a few of the techniques that have used in patent support. We also prepare peak lists for inclusion in your patent in order to uniquely identify your new material.

  1. Patent preparation

    • At the patent preparation stage, ensure the claimant understands the ramifications of any claims related to x-ray diffraction data.

    • At the patent preparation stage, measure any diffraction data related to the patent as a check on the original data.

    • At the patent preparation stage, suggest better x-ray methods to strengthen the claims associated with x-ray diffraction data.

  2. Patent interpretation

    • Help in understanding the data collection methods and instrumentation related to x-ray diffraction in a patent claim, including strengths and weaknesses of data collection methods and instrumentation used for the patent claims.

    • Help in comparing client x-ray diffraction data to patent data in order to avoid infringing x-ray diffraction patent claims.

  3. Patent litigation

    • Support litigators in understanding the methods and instrumentation related to x-ray diffraction in a patent claim.

    • Support litigators in comparing client data to patent data.

    • Support litigators by measuring data as specified in a patent claim, and pointing out strengths, weaknesses or errors in data measurement techniques or the interpretation of the x-ray data supporting a specific patent claim.

X-ray Wizards is a world class leader in XRD diffraction and a provider of high quality patent support service contractor. Our company has the skills and equipment to partner with you concerning all XRD related patent issues.

  • Interpretation of x-ray results

  • Data measurement for patent submission or conformation of XRD data for patent submission 

  • Review of x-ray sections of current patents

  • Support to patent litigators

  • Expert Witness

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